OCS Paint Employee

Nic Williams - Managing Director

With 16 years’ experience, a wealth of knowledge, especially when it comes to historically correct colours, Nic is renowned for his outstanding quality paint and bodywork. But where did it all start?  Working with a family friend, Nic found his genuine passion in paintwork at the young age of 17. It didn’t take him very long to adopt a love for paint and bodywork, especially with an eye for perfection and natural flair on his side.​ The enthusiasm that Nic had for paint and bodywork was shared with his brother Dan and close friends, as he spent a great deal of his spare time transforming their cars and of course his own. Nic spent some time pursuing other avenues and whilst he was doing so, word of mouth spread and the demand for his paintwork grew rapidly. In 2013, Nic launched OCS paint. These days, Nic's times is predominately occupied with R&D within the industry and staying one step ahead of the game, he overseas every job in the workshop with a hands on approach to ensure the highest standard.

OCS Paint Employee

Ashley Hickles - Head of Paint

With over 15 years’ experience, Ashley has incredible paintwork knowledge and skills to match!​ Where did it all begin? Ashley started his career in paintwork when he left school and completed an apprenticeship. He has previously worked in two bodyshops - one of these being a Porsche Contractor, where he achieved a qualification in Porsche Painting and Bodywork. ​ When the demand for OCS paint grew, Ashley's attention to detail and drive for perfection made him the perfect man for the job. Nic knew where he wanted to take the business and he could only achieve that with a winning team on his side. ​ It is safe to say that Ashley has set a high standard and with combined passion, OCS provides customers with the highest quality of work throughout. 

OCS Paint Employee

Bradley Wall

Bradley is the youngest member of our team, but he most certainly doesn’t lack enthusiasm! Bradley's role is predominantly focused on repair and prep as well as flatting and polishing after paint – his attention to detail and work ethic is impressive. He takes absolute pride in his work and enjoys seeing the finished result.  Similar to other members of the OCS paint team, Bradley began his career with a Level 2 Vehicle Repair course before progressing with a Level 3 Vehicle Welding and Panel course.  Bradley continues to learn from the team and continuously develops his skills further.

OCS Paint Employee

Andy Stapleton

Andy has over 20 years' experience in the industry and has knowledge in strip and refit with preparation yet specialises in panel and repair work. Andy will settle for nothing less than perfect and his specialities enable the other members of the OCS team to undertake their work to the incredibly high standard that they do.